26 and 28 April, 1976 – “Don’t all kill yourselves rushing to congratulate me.”

It’s odd to think that a show running for 55 years has certain thematic constants, but Coronation Street does. It’s a show which does not look kindly on hypocrisy or pomposity. The merest whiff of “getting above your station” is mercilessly mocked or punished. Middle-class professionals who wander through the cast, like teachers,¬†are pathetic figures […]

21 April, 1976 – Knowledge is Power

It’s all kicking off on the cobbles, as the strip club was raided by police and various men were named and shamed in the Weatherfield Gazette. Deirdre breaks some crockery on Ray’s face off-screen, while Ernest takes the opportunity to double down on being a plonker by blaming the whole episode on Mavis coming to […]

Understanding Women

April, 1976. Gender roles and sexuality: they’re funny old things, cock*. Elsie’s left her husband but can’t be seen to be shacking up with Len Fairclough, even if she is only staying in his back bedroom and it is a very modern 1976. That may very well be true, but “folk round here”, warns Ena […]


April 14, 1976: even if it happened nearly 40 years ago, there’s something pretty satisfying about Ken Barlow getting a smack in the mouth. *The actor who plays Ken Barlow, William Roache, was known by his fellow cast members as “Cock-roache” for his womanising ways. Getting punched by a jealous husband probably wasn’t too much […]

And so it begins: April 1976

It occurs to me as the first scene (between Rita and Mavis) from April 5, 1976 comes on screen that I was only 18 months old at the time this screened, yet I still know who these people are. Many things are familiar and yet a lot of it is rather strange. The Rovers and […]