21 April, 1976 – Knowledge is Power


It’s all kicking off on the cobbles, as the strip club was raided by police and various men were named and shamed in the Weatherfield Gazette. Deirdre breaks some crockery on Ray’s face off-screen, while Ernest takes the opportunity to double down on being a plonker by blaming the whole episode on Mavis coming to stay, inspiring the usually gentle Christian Emily to use the phrase “painted whore” and lock her whining husband out of the house for the night. Goodness, Emily, that’s a bit full-on. What would the Lord say?


Emily’s “painted whore” side-eye.

The writers of Coronation Street often combine a “high drama” story with a “low humour” story (both, of course, may be high camp). During this arc of marital problems Mrs Walker, Rovers Return landlady, is concurrently running a Mastermind knockoff quiz competition called “Superbrain” (sample specialist subjects: “pigeons” and “Manchester United”). “His brain’s not exactly CLUTTERED with knowledge,” says the inimitable Hilda Ogden of her husband Stan, but his United obsession means he runs away with the prize anyway.

Gleeful Hilda.

I was delighted to see that Mrs Walker, quizmaster, used the show’s catchphrase “I’ve started so I’ll finish” as if born to it. She HAD spent all day at the library getting the questions, after all. (Imagine running a specialist quiz night without access to the internet. It’s almost inconceivable now.) So both the “high” and the “low” storylines let us know that even a little bit of knowledge, if it’s on the right subject, can swing things your way.

I’ve started so I’ll finish.

Space-Time Continuum Corner

My friend Mark has pointed out that according to the street’s layout during this period the Rovers Return loos appear to be occupying the same space as number one’s front bedroom. He says this may explain why Tracy Barlow has grown up to be such a “disturbed individual”.

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